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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 11, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ ♪[meow] craig: that was something about kevin bacon winning the golden harmonica. that doesn't happen very often does it? here are the people that won it before. why don't you read it out? geoff: every time, i swear. craig: billy connolly won it. jennifer oulet, neil patrick harris, a guy in the audience, and kevin bacon. [applause] pretty good.
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geoff: want to come to my place in saskatoon? [laughter] craig: i'm going to paris this weekend. you want to come to paris with me or do you want to go to saskatoon and shoot a porn movie or do you want to go to paris with kristen bell? >> as long as i can get my helmet polished. my hat? craig: yeah, your hat. well, we got to go. you want to say good night? geoff: good night. craig: good night. we spend a lot of time together.
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[ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. layed to rest after an emotional tribute. the memorial for two firefighters killed in the line of duty. back to the drawing board. the new map that could shift power here in california. >> good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm melissa cook. dana is off tonight. they gave their lives to protect the public. tonight they are in their final resting places. >> a live look at the tower tonight lit in red to honor those two san francisco firefighters. they were remembered as
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friends, brothers, role models, and heros as thousands today paid their respects. sharon chin shows us the city's biggest funeral of its kind in decades. >> in flag draped caskets, tony valerio and vincent take their final journey on fire engines. family and friends packed the cathedral to say good-bye. >> tony and vinnie died together and they will be buried together. >> winston churchill said we make a living by what we get. we make a life by what we give. vince and tony gave it all and for that we will be e tenderly grateful. >> perez remembered as a fireman's fireman. >> my brother, vinnie, died doing what made him come alive. he got a great deal of joy and
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fulfillment from being a man of service. >> to my brother, now you are free. i will see you again, but not yet. not yet. >> valerio, the friendly world traveler, athlete, and urban chicken farmer with a sense of humor. >> we were buddies off the job as well. we volunteered on the overdose team so we could get into rock concerts for free. >> tony was a free spirited medic with the department of public health who eventually became a firefighter. he was a hippy who called himself's the people's paramedic. [ bell ringing ] >> san francisco's largest firefighter funeral in 60 years brought out dignitaries, governor jerry brown and house
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democratic leader, nancy pelosi. uniformed firefighters came from all over the country and canada. >> we never met them, but they are brothers, so we feel like we know them. >> after the afternoon long funeral mass, a procession of fire trucks accompanied the family to a private burial at holy cross cemetery in colma. traffic stacked up at the portion of i-280 south was closed for that final ride. many of the mourners were firefighters, also a number of hospital workers who came in their scrubs. speakers thanked them for trying to save the two men's lives. quite a tribute today. >> they did everything they could to save them. people at san francisco general did outstanding work. it was a great sendoff for them. >> absolutely. the highest honors from the city. >> sharon, thank you for that. a lot goes into planning a funeral of this magnitude, including solving a number of challenges. firefighters filled in for those attending the memorial.
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grace lee shows us how the city was covered in the event of an emergency. >> reporter: when a san francisco building flaired up in flames, heyward city firefighters answered without hesitation. they were just one of many outside agencies manning san francisco's station so city firefighters could pay their respects at today's funeral. >> brothers are in need. we are one big family whether they are san francisco, fremont, alameda county, we are all the same. we cover each other's backs. >> fire officials say 200 firefighters from around northern california converge near at&t park ready for action. >> most of these cities volunteer. most of these fire departments volunteered. we had to turn people away. you know, it's a great thing for us to see that for our fallen firefighters. i just can't say thank you enough. >> coordinating all the agenesis with no easy task.
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>> yeah, it's a pretty huge ordeal. >> to commune call all the outside firefighters were issued radios like this and each agency was paired with a san francisco chief. one of the biggest issues, making sure crews know where to go. >> they're not familiar with the area. they dent have the map to come up on their control consoles in their unit. so they have to stay close. >> and though they are all trained to fight fires, every city has its own. >> you notice the ladder they threw against the building, we aren't used to hills like this. they have to put bricks under it to make it parallel to the building. >> not only were they dealing with hills, but heyward fire had to learn about denser buildings and different type of structure. also the muni system, they aren't used to having hot wires above them. today was not just a challenge, it was also a challenge keeping
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all those firefighters safe. in san francisco, grace lee, cbs 5. meanwhile heyward police scoured parts of the east bay today, but tonight no sign of missing michelle lee. tonight her family held a vigil in southern california near lee's san diego high school. the nursing student hasn't been seen since may 27 after leaving class. police are investigating this case now as a homicide. tonight lee's family pleaded for people to have faith. >> we want to pass out fliers, the billboards. it's been an effort, so please, please, please put our minds together, we can find her. >> and today police combed the niles canyon, but did not find any evidence. lee's former high school
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friend, is one of several people of interest in this case. no one has been arrested. other stories around the bay area making headlines tonight. former bart police officer will be released from jail on monday. mezerly will be set free after serving 11 months of a two-year sentence. he was convicted last summer in the shooting death of oscar grant. protests are expected monday in oakland and los angeles. and a huge brawl. the fight started in a parking lot at east san carlos around 10:00 last night. as many as 60 people were involved. two teenagers were stabbed. they are expected to be okay. three others were hurt. and bart is going to spend some money to quiet down screeching trains. noise abatement requires grinding down the tracks. a project that was put on hold because of budget constraints. bart now has a surplus. it will also spend money on new seats as well as elevator
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improvements. no fare increases are on the horizon. the california's political landscape appears headed for a major shakeup. draft maps for the state's congressional districts were released today by an independent citizen's panel. robert lyles on why some political leaders say watch out. going to be a bumpy ride. >> bay area voters know that definition of redistricting -- >> that's why they redraw the congressional districts. so they change the boundaries. >> but what redistricting means to voters is a whole other matter. >> it's to manipulate for politicians to get what they want. >> something the redistricting committee says they are seeking to eliminate. redesigned political boundaries because they haven't been officially drawn. but state senator leeland yee says make no mistake, this commission is about to gut san francisco. >> in this situation, what we
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have is a redistricting commission that totally ignores the pivotal role that san francisco provides for the state of california. >> state senator's district 3 and leeland yee's district 8 would become a new district, number 4. extending into marin and depending on your address, that new district could mean no state senate representation until 2014. >> if in fact we lose one seat and if the seats remain as my district, then unfortunately those individuals who senator leno has been representing will in fact not have representation for that couple of years. >> oakland could reduce from three state assembly districts to two. congressman jerry's oddly shaped 11th district is certain to disappear and richmond is likely to be taken from george miller and redraw to barbra
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lee. the new maps could boost by 4 seats. cbs 5 political analyst says some incumbents can expect map migraines. they will have to move to new districts or convince new voters. >> because gathering those people, when you have a record which is the opposite way are trying to raise money in that environment is going to be tough. >> in san francisco, robert lyles, cbs 5. her brother calls it simply beautiful. a new face for the whom was viciously mauled two years ago by a chimpanzee. >> and citizens dodging bullets ducking for cover. why syrian soldiers are executing their own people. hi, i'm meteorologist in the cbs 5 weather center. low clouds and fog sweeping over.
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used to. a very undiplomatic parting shot today by america's outgoing defense secretary. on his final overseas trip, robert gates gave nato a piece of his mind. other nato members, namely europeans are not carrying their weight and basically free loading off america. there's particular ire for the nato led operation against the libyan regime. >> only 11 weeks into an operation against a poorly armed regime and a sparsely populated country. yet many allies are beginning to run short. requiring the u.s. once more to make up the difference. >> and gates says americans are becoming frustrated that the u.s. is bearing the burdens of wars and spending so much money while many other nato members sit on the sidelines.
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gates has just three weeks left as defense secretary. not knowing what comes next, that's what is facing thousands of people as they run for their lives from their homeland of syria. they are escaping violent government crackdowns as demonstrators protest against the establishment. elizabeth palmer on the help refugees are getting from turkey. >> it's a short but traumatic bus ride to safety from these syrian families. more than 3,000 of them have now crossed the border and are facing an uncertain future in these tents. once again, antigovernment protests erupted across syria today and activists posted their videos on youtube. but, the refugees are hearing about things no one has pictures of. turkish police don't let journalists talk to them directly, so we contacted one man by phone who told us syrian troops attacked the city with
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tanks and fired on women and children. oh please, he said, breaking down. helpless. in the months since the antigovernment protests began, human rights organizations say the syrian military has fired on unarmed civilians and beaten and tortured prisoners. they estimate 1300 have been killed. but the government brutality and over confidence just being deepens the resentment among the people. >> somebody told the refugees that the president of syria had stepped down. they are happy, even if it's not true, so it tells you exactly where their political sympathies lie. >> nearby in the hospital, we slipped secretly into the room of a young syrian man still in shock with multiple gun shot wounds. he told us syrian troops had fired on mourners from a helicopter and the funeral of a
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protester. with all foreign journalists barred from syria, it's impossible to verify these accounts. it is building two new refugee camps, bracing for 10,000 more people running for their lives. reports are now coming in of a very large prodemocracy demonstration that took place just across the border from where i'm standing, which was broken up with extreme violence by syrian forces today. witnesses report that they fired down into the crowd from helicopters with heavy machine guns. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, turkey. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what are you doing this weekend? >> enjoying the weather. >> that a girl. got some sun out there, right? >> last weekend we were talking about rain at this time. this weekend it's going to stay nice and dry. it will carry some fog. early on this evening, it looks like it's going to turn out to be a nice night.
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low clouds will sweep on shore. still breezy in spots. high clouds trying to work their way into the bay area. more sunshine on the way for saturday. temperatures going to be mild. mid 70s. inside the bay, mostly sunny. out toward the coastline, still going to be cool. partly cloudy and on the breezy side, too. numbers, 50 degrees. 55 in san jose and 55 some fog into oakland right now. more clouds going to move in and well, that's beginning to be the case for the weekend as we see temperatures cooling off a few degrees. the numbers are coming down. high pressure somewhat metro grading. that's allowing for the trough to bring in cooler air. temperatures going it be down, but it's going to stay dry all weekend long. for the next 5 to 7 days, we're going to stay nice and dry. 72 manufacture began hill. 67 in milpedis. much of the east bay going to enjoy temperatures into the
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70s. you'll see 60s once you reach the bay. as you head to the north bay, 72 degrees in the napa valley. 73 in santa rosa. weekend looking good. slightly warmer as we head towards sunday. the real warmup is toward the middle of the next week as high pressure continues to build in. temperatures in the mid 80s in some spots on tuesday. staying nice and toasty into wednesday as well. >> nice and dry. >> i don't think i heard toesty in a while. >> we haven't had a significant heat wave. >> slept with the window open last night. >> hopefully we put the rain drops away for a while. >> knock on wood. >> the giants, can they ever lose? no. not when they are tied in the 9th. was it enough to end the 10-
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game losing streak? another day, another joint goes down. the latest on freddy sanchez ,,,
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i know you're a huge giants fan. >> huge. >> we talked about that before. how about the a's? >> i do like the a's. >> you go to the golden green every now and then. >> the a's have a new manager and the warriors have a new coach. bob melvin. he was with the diamondbacks. what he has been doing. >> it's such a small world. >> the a's entered the 9th inning down 5-3 and feared headed for their 11th straight loss. after making two quick outs, they rallied and loaded the bases for scot sizemore. >> that was driven left center field. rios on the run and he's not going to get it. that's going it clear the bases. sizemore on the 2nd with a double and the a's have the lead.
2:04 am
>> the a's score four in the 9th to stun the white sox and the end the ten-game losing streak. get bob melvin his first win. freddy sanchez will likely be the next giant to land on the dl after dislocating his shoulder diving for a grounder. ryan vogelsong allowed more than one run for the first time in seven starts, but he was still pretty good giving up two runs in 6 innings. miguel tejada smokes one down the left field line. tejada reached base four times tonight. then in the bottom of the 9th, makes his only at bat count. the celebration begins. it's the giant's ninth walkoff win of the season. we have seen brian wilson appear as a guest, but have you ever imagined what he would be like as the host?
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> it's delicious. in fact, one of me wasn't enough to go around, which is why i made tw of me with my mind. phak, fact, this show will have no guests. fact, we are more interesting than anyone else ever. >> it was me doing the quiz show. >> you were the mc and contestant. >> phenomenal when i'm not mad at it. >> just run you sentences, things that don't cooer late but they do. >> that was smote on. super regional, stanford taking on north carolina. 1-0 tarheels whenset gives them a little breathing room. north carolina wins game one of the best of three series 5-2. >> canucks goalie was pulled in game four. he bounced back with his fourth shutout of the playoffs. the third period goal is the
2:06 am
difference. the canucks beat the brewens and are one win away from their first cup in franchise history. game six is in boston on monday. the warriors introduced mark jackson as their new head coach and win or lose, i don't think they'll run out of one liners this season. >> i didn't want to text them too much and say what's going on? i'm hearing other enates and seeing they have another relationship. i think it personally. i was doing the interview, but i wanted to high five him and hug him. this is going to be a beautiful time. you might as well latch on because things be changing here in the bay area. people try to search and look to find the next gem in coaching who had options just like my wife had options, but chose me. there will be no play called,
2:07 am
mama there goes that man. there will be no defense man down. >> definitely going to miss that. they made the playoffs once. jackson guarantees they are going to make the playoffs. >> players like this guy? > players love. base told them their jobs are safe. if they want to put on the shy's, they aren't going anywhere. >> can't get rid of them. >>,,,,,,,,,,
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